A Central Hospital Health Story from Georgia

M. Khamkhadze of Georgia was operted on for Breast Cancer by Central Hospitals , Prof. Dr. Rafet Yiğitbaşı. During her visit with her husband, future plans to maintain her health were also made.

We Found A Trusted Physician At Central Hospital

It was a very difficult time for us when I found out about my illness. We bagan to seek treatment and options immediately. Many questions come up during these times of struggle; what hsopital, what doctor all running in our minds. Hospitals in Georgia are not equipt to treat cases suchas mine so we had to seek help elsewhere. An aquiantence of ours recommended Central Hospital and we were able to get in touch with their International patient speciaist.

We Were Welcomed With Attentiveness And Concern

I would like to say that from the first moment till the end, the concern and attentiveness of the staff were immense. We were given information every step of the way and assisted with every aspect of our visit. Hotel reservations, airport pick ups were all taken care of. The international patient services department was very knowledgable and spoke Georgian, which made everything that much easier.

Upon our arrival, we met Prof. Dr. Rafet. He was very helpful, supportive and trustworthy. He helped me overcome my fears which was very important for me. The operation was a success and things were begining to look up for me.

Shortly After The Procedure, I Was Able To Go Sightseeing In Istanbul

I felt great after the surgery. I was hospitalized for a short time and 2 days after my release I was ready to explore Istanbul. That’s how great I felt. We were taken to historic sights all while accompanied by Centrals International patient specialists with their private company vehicle. We enjoyed Istanbul very much.

Long Distance Service Support

We visit Istanbul from time to time for my routine examinations and still recieve the same services as the first time. We are able to reach out to a representative even when we are home in Georgia. They are constantly availbale to answer all questions I have pertaining to my health and condition.

Thank You Prof. Rafet And His Staff

I want to genuinely thank Prof. Dr. Rafet Yiğitbaşı and his professional staff for all of their support during these difficult times in helping me overcome my fears.

Expert Opinion

Three months ago, 53 year old patient, Mrs. M. Khamkhadze came across a 3 cm. located in her left breast. After reviewing her graphic results and pathological findings the results showed the mass to be a malignant tumor. I informed the patient that she needed to be operated on before the mass spread into the other parts of the body.

Yet the current method of dye injection "sentinel node biopsy" of the method agreed with axillary lymph disease seat was entirely contained six lymph nodes. Uneventful postoperative course of the patient was discharged on the third day.

Upon Mrs. Khamkhadze request for a “Breast Conserving Operation”, I informed her that the decision could only be made during surgery. During the surgery, we ran a pathology of a portion of the mass. The result was at a risky level. The breast had to be removed in order to avoid reccurance. Using the most recent method; “Sentinal Node Biopsy” we came across the concusion that the tumor had spread and infected tha axillary area. Due to this we had to remove the axillary lymph nodes as well. Post surgery duration went as planned. We came across no unusual occurrences and we able to release the patient on the third day.

The Nihai Pathological report showed the tumor was actually 9 cm in size proving that the decision to remove the breast completely during the operation was the right thing to do.

Second Opinion

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