Ear,Nose,Throat Diseases

IMG_8104.jpg Symptoms such us dizziness, headache, snoring, hoarseness, Ear discharge, Hearing loss and the diseases attributable to ear nose and throat are successfully dealt with by our outstanding physicians.
Audiometry Clinic of our hospital gives hearing tests.
Methods that are successfully used at our hospital for diagnosis and treatment
- Tonsillitis and adenoid surgeries
- Tympanoplasty mastoidectomy, stapedectomy
- Ear tube surgery
- Burst eardrum surgeries
- Anti-inflammatory and audio-corrective ear surgeries
- Autoplasty
- Sinusitis treatment and endoscopic sinus surgeries
  Endoscopic lacrimal duct obstruction surgery
- Nasal obstruction treatment and surgeries
- Rhinoplasty and Face-lift surgeries
- Snoring and sleep apnea treatment and surgeries
- Radiofrequency surgery and snoring treatment
- Salivary gland disease treatment and surgeries
- Neck and throat mass, tumor treatment and surgeries
- Dizziness and balance disorder treatment
- Adult and pediatric hearing loss treatment
- Diagnosis and treatment of upper respiratory allergic diseases
- Diagnosis and treatment of hoarseness, vocal disorders
- Vocal cord polyp, nodule, cyst and mass surgeries


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What cases require a Tonsillectomy?

What cases require a Tonsillectomy?

İnfections in the tonsils that occur as frequently as up to 5 times in a one year period.  Problems swallowing or breathing.  Apnea occuring during the da yor during sleep lasting more than 10 seconds. Patients in need of a tonsillectomy can infect others through the Exchange of saliva. One of two tonsils appering to be larger in size can be a sign of Lymphoma of the tonsils.

Who falls in the risk group for Sinusitis?

Who falls in the risk group for Sinusitis?

-     Thos who suffer from allergies

-     Child Adenoid patients

-     Smokers

-     Concha

-     Weak immune system

How to tell if your headache is affiliated to Sinusitis?

How to tell if your headache is affiliated to Sinusitis?

Common colds, flu and sinuses can lead to mucous build up and pressure leading to headaches and pain around the eyes and cheeks.  Generally these types of headaches will go away on their own in a short period of time.  Headaches thay occur more frequently will need a doctors intervention and antibiotics to treat the Sinuses.  Nausea and vomitting that occur with these headaches are signs of Migraines.

Who are candidates for Rhinoplasty?

Who are candidates for Rhinoplasty?

Those who have dıfficulty with breathing through the nose or are unhappy with the external appearance of the nose or both may be appropriate candidates for a Rhinoplasty.  Narrowing of the nasal root and valve, concha and deviations may also be treated with Rhinoplasty.

What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

One of the most common situations is increasing the volume while watching Television.  Not being able to hear and communicate on the telefone in noisy environments (restaurants, cafeterias, etc). 

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