Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?
You can contact the International Patient Center via telephone, fax or e-mail.
Alternatively, you can fill the form available in our website under the patient admission section.
To request an appointment, please call our International Patients Services team at:
+90 216 444 77 99
A member of the team will help match you with the best specialists and most appropriate services.
Here is what to expect when you call:
- We need to know your medical history and information, specifically your diagnosis and the medical issue(s) to be addressed.
- The approximate dates you are available for appointments.
- Your basic contact information (physical address, phone, email).
- Your preferred payment method (self-pay, insurance, embassy).
- Finally, any special needs you may have.

Does Central Hospital Istanbul assist with booking my travel?
Yes. Once your appointment at Central Hospital Istanbul has been confirmed, your international patient service representative will assist you with any transportation and accommodation needs related to your visit.

I do not speak English, will I be provided with translation services?
International Patient Coordinators speak different languages such as English, Arabic, Russian, and Georgian. Also, we can arrange interpreters in person, if available, or via telephone for your appointment at Central Hospital Istanbul.

If my family is accompanying me, where can they stay?
You will be required to inform our staff at the International Patients services if any family members will be accompanying you. Our staff will communicate nearby hotels to arrange a comfortable stay according to your budget.
In addition to nearby hotels , free transportation can be provided from the Hotels to Central Hospital.

Does Central Hospital Istanbul provide financial and billing services ?
Yes. Our financial counselors will assist you with preparing estimates, understanding the bill, providing payments, verifying insurance or embassy coverage and delivering a convenient final bill.

How do I obtain my visa?
Each country has a different process; it is the patient’s responsibility to obtain the appropriate travel documentation. We will email you a form in letter that confirms your appointments at Central Hospital. We will be happy to provide a receipt of payment in case you need to attach to your travel documentation. It is important to let your consulate know that you are coming to Turkey for medical reasons. Allow yourself sufficient time before your trip to obtain your country’s approval.

Do I have the option of treatment by a female doctor?
Your care center will try their best to accommodate this request. If a physician is available who specializes in your type of treatment, please be assured that we will try out best to schedule you with a physician of your preference.

Are there any charges for the services provided by the International Relations Office?
No, our International Relations Office services are free of charge.

Will my insurance cover the cost of services at Central Hospital?
Coverage depends on the patient's insurance policy. Please contact your insurance company to ensure they will cover your services at Central Hospital.

Which services must be paid up front?
Self-pay patients are expected to pre-pay for all elective or scheduled services prior to receiving care.

How should I send my medical documents?
You can send medical records electronically, via email. You should send hard copies of your films or slides via courier services.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
We want to make things as easy as possible so you can focus solely on your path to health.  For immediate assistance, please call +90 507 6380909

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