General Surgery

genel cerrahi.JPG The Department of General Surgery at Central Hospital is comprised of highly skilled physicians, cheerful nurses, and staff members who are devoted to providing the best possible healthcare to our patients in a lenient surrounding. General surgery covers thyroid treatment, breast surgeries; esophagus, gut, small and large intestines, anus diseases; liver, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder and biliary tract surgeries.
 Our hospital is ready at your service for all your emergency surgical needs with a on-call team of expert doctors working on 24/7 principle. State-of-art technology Full HD Laparoscopic Camera System is available at operation room of our hospital for ensuring better treatment of laparoscopic surgical cases. Operation Room's sterilization unit offers services with the state-of-art technology as required by updated quality service standards regulation of Ministry of Health.

- Endocrine Surgery
- Gastrointestinal System Surgery
- Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery: Surgical treatment of gallbladder and tract, liver, pancreas diseases.

-Mammoplasty: In the light of modern surgical approaches; breast-conserving surgical techniques, if appropriate and sentinel lymph node examinations contributing to limitation of axillary cavity operations.

- Laparoscopic Surgery and Hernia Surgery: Laparoscopic (closed) surgeries with full HD Camera System that require specific training and expertise are used for treating especially gallbladder and diseases such as stomach hernia and associated reflux, appendicitis and inguinal hernia, adrenal masses, gastric cancer and colon cancer.



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What are some signs and symptoms of Appendicitis?

What are some signs and symptoms of Appendicitis?

Stomach cramps, dizziness, vomitting and sharp pain in the lower right abdomen can all be signs leading to appendicitis.  Symptoms will more frequently with more severity.  Mild fever , increase in pulse rate and mild fever are also signs to look for.

What are the symptoms of bowel obstruction?

What are the symptoms of bowel obstruction?

- Frequent cramps occuring in stomach

- Nausea and vomitting

- Sensitivity and bloating in abdomen

- Inability to pass stool or intestinal gas

What is strangulated hernia?

What is strangulated hernia?

Herniated  organs that are compressed into their location are called strangulated hernias.  The longer the hernia remains in this position more damage will occur. One way to diagnose this is to look for swelling in the abdomen. Blood in stool and constipation may occur. Strangulated hernias are more risky for those of a younger age.  60 % of babies that are 6 moths of age or younger have a higher risk of having strangulated hernias.

What is Obesity?

What is Obesity?

Obesity is the accumlulation of excess fat. 30 % of the average body weight for females is fat and 25 % for males.

What improvements in diseases can be seen in getting rid of obesity?

What improvements in diseases can be seen in getting rid of obesity?

- Type II Diabetes

- Coronary artery diseases

- Hypertension

- Sleep Apnia

- Heart failure

- Respiratory Disorders

- Gastroesophageal reflux

- Depression

- Infertility

- Menstrual irregularities

- Osteoarthritis

- Vericos

- Brain hemmorhage and Stroke

- Gallstones

- Cancer in the Breast, Large İntestines and prostate

- Urinary İncontinence

- Difficulty during birth

- Polycystic ovary syndrome

- Social Maladjustment

- Excessive Bleeding

- Metobolic Syndrome

- İnsulin Resistance

- Cholesterol

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