Hair Transplantation A+FUE

sacekim.JPG Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction
FUE is the method in which the hair follicles genetically “coded not to fall”are picked up from the area above the neck behind the head through a micro punch motor. 
Central Hospital Istanbul has increased the proportion of keeping each graft on the transplantation area, and producing hair apart from multiplying the number of hair follicle grafts that can be obtained in an ordinary FUE operation with the help of the punch tip designed specially.
This new method and materials, which will lead to a revolution in the field of hair transplantation, have reached to a number, which can be seen as a world record,about 5500 grafts in one session (approximately 15000 hair strands). Since Central Hospital Istanbul has more than a 10-year experience, these procedures are very much reliable, and performed in sterilized hospital rooms.
Our patients leave the hospital with incredible numbers of hair strands after 5-7 hours during which they can watch TV and read a book. The most important point is that they will have their hair as long as they want, and they will be able to set and dye it. 

Supply Fluid
During the hair transplantation, the hair grafts have to be kept in the physiologic serum for a few hours so that they do not dry and die between the phases of hair picking and transplanting. Hair follicles must be supplied so that their quality does not decline. As Central Hospital Istanbul, we have developed a method for this and formed a mixture for your hair follicles to be supplied while being kept at the same time. At the end of supplying this fluid, your hair grows more quickly with a much better quality than ever before. 
Hair Transplantation is a significant process. 
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